What is Salji.org and how is it different from other payment methods?

Salji.org enables direct payments of goods and services in B&H from the comfort of your home or any place in the world.

Salji.org is the easiest and most cost-effective way to help your family and loved ones back home.

We have adapted to any way of payment you might need. You can pay invoices, make advance payments, or preauthorized payments that will be executed by using a one-time code that you generate in our app. For more information about the payment methods please visit “how salji.org works” page.

How much does Salji.org cost?

Salji.org will charge a minimum fee for each transaction. Fees are shown in the application before payments are made and depend on the transaction amount and the type of purchase.

Which companies accept Salji.org payments?

With Salji.org you can pay for home appliances, computers and equipment, furniture, construction materials, automobile equipment, hotels, and many more. For a detailed list of companies that accept Salji.org payments please visit our “Partners” page.

Safely purchase goods and services in Bosnia and Herzegovina from any place in the world

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